The Team

A proven record of creative outsourced physician services.

Hospital TeamCare physicians provide hospital physician staffing to emergency departments, inpatient hospitalists and anesthesiology services.  We are a new physician-owned and operated group practice that utilizes only the highest performing, trained, and accomplished physicians. We are different, because we have a proven, reference based track record of creative solutions and strong relationships.

Hospital TeamCare provides key hospital centered physician services including provider staffing and medical direction.  Our physicians are all Residency Trained and Board Certified.  Coupled with training at some of the Nations best facilities, we are able to help our partner hospitals improve patient care, quality, and throughput metrics.  Our physicians specialize in fixing throughput and other quality and metric inhibitors.

At Hospital TeamCare, we understand the importance of physician leadership.  We focus on strong medical leadership in order to guide and advocate for our physicians.  We are driven to ensure they have the necessary tools and support to be successful.

We have significant experience in turning departments around.  If not for our extensive training and expertise in physician outsourcing, our commitment and dedication ensures our success.  Our team has attained remarkable results at some of the most challenging facilities – and we can do the same at yours!

Hospital Support Team

  • On-site Medical Director - A successful Medical Direct or must be available.  Surprisingly, this is still not well understood.  At Hospital TeamCare, we get it.  Not only will our Medical Director be there, you can count on:
    • Physician Supervision, Accountability, and Oversight
    • Close Collaboration with Nursing and Administration
    • Performance Improvement
    • Quality Care, Metric Improvement, Core Measure Excellence
  • On-site Practice Resource Coordinator (PRC) - Essential for the Medical Director and Nurse Manager, the PRC is on-site.  The PRC assists the Medical Director, ED Nurse Manager, and Physicians in many ways:
    • Assist Medical Director as an on site Office Manager
    • Coordinates schedule, physician communication, and Recruitment
    • Assists in physician Medical Record completion
  • Nurse Liaison - Nursing is key to a successful Physician Hospital partnership.  That’s’ why at Hospital TeamCare, each Hospital benefits from a TeamCare Nurse Liaison who is responsibilities include:
    • Department Throughput and Flow Analysis
    • ED Nurse Manager Resource
    • Patient Care and Quality Focus
  • Excellent Physicians - And of course, as a Hospital Partner, you benefit from our staff of highly trained and knowledgeable physicians:
    • Guaranteed to fit your Hospital
    • Experienced, Professional, Efficient