Hospital Medicine

Our HM Division is comprised of some of the best clinicians in the industry.

Hospital Medicine is the fastest growing specialty in healthcare.  Yet still a relatively new phenomenon in American medicine, Hospital Medicine has become an increasingly essential part of healthcare in the US.

At Hospital TeamCare, our Hospital Medicine Division is comprised of some of the best clinicians in the industry.  Our accomplished providers come from some of the best training programs and facilities.  Currently, there are more than 28,000 practicing Hospitalists providing physician services in the US according to the Society of Hospital Medicine.  Most all Hospitalists practice in half of the Nation's community hospitals.  At Hospital TeamCare, we have some of the most experienced Hospitalists and Hospital Medicine Leaders.

Essential Part of Healthcare in the US

Hospital TeamCare Hospitalists provide efficient and quality centered patient care for our hospital partners.  Additionally, our expert Hospital Medicine Leadership team can develop physician service models that meet your unique needs.  Our team has extensive experience in this area, and would be happy to evaluate and propose how we can work with you.  We provide a continuum of quality care best practice accomplishment.

Our Hospitalists are performance oriented, and are focused on:

  • Rapid ED admissions
  • Early morning hospital discharges
  • Average Hospital Length of Stay Reduction
  • Prompt in-patient consults
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