Physician Services

Physician-Owned & Operated

Hospital TeamCare is a new physician-owned and operated group practice that utilizes only the highest performing, trained, and accomplished physicians.

We began as a group of dedicated and committed emergency physicians who have all achieved great success from methodologies and best practices implemented at other large Medical Centers.

The mission, vision, and values at Hospital TeamCare come from our founding members - all high performing, accomplished, and practicing physicians.  Together, our core principals share over 70 years of experience at some of the Nation's top hospitals providing an array of outsourced physician services. From these experiences, our team has created, implemented, and compiled some of the truly best practices in the US.  Together with well trained, physician colleagues, Hospital TeamCare is able to deliver sustainable results, in a supportive and collegial hospital partnership environment.

Dedicated & Committed Physicians

Hospital TeamCare physicians have a powerful advantage in achieving measurable performance improvement at partnering hospitals. Our physicians are all residency trained and board certified, with extensive experience in physician outsourcing.  Additionally, our physicians have experience in both large urban and rural community centers of excellence.  We have a proven track record of physician service, medical leadership, and patient care. Please explore the many facets of Hospital TeamCare.  Whether its Physician Services, Patient Care, or Practice Management - Hospital TeamCare is here for you!

Hospital Based Physician Services:

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Anesthesiology & Pain Management
  • Hospital Medicine
Healthcare Solutions:
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  • Medical Billing
  • Practice Management

Hospital TeamCare - A physician-owned and operated provider of quality, efficient, and patient-centered, hospital-based physician services.