Medical Billing

More than 10 years of coding experience & Certified by the AAPC.

The Professional team in the Practice Management Division of Hospital TeamCare has extensive expertise in revenue cycle management (coding and reimbursement).  Additionally, at Hospital TeamCare, we have extensive experience with physician outsourcing. This experience provides opportunities for revenue loss prevention.  Additionally, at Hospital TeamCare, we have mechanisms to maintain coding compliance.  Our Coders are certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders.

  • Certified Emergency Department Coder (CEDC)
  • Certified Anesthesia and Pain Management Coder (CANPC)
  • Certified Professional Coder - Hospitalist (CPC-H)
  • Medical Billing and Reimbursement Certification

Physician Billing

At Hospital TeamCare, we offer solutions and expertise to increase collections while minimizing compliance risks.  Our primary physician service goal is revenue optimization.  Our medical billing and related RCM physician services provides practice management resources to companies and physician groups.  We incorporate a variety of techniques to ensure optimization of practice related revenue that include:
  • Verification & Chart - Retrieval Electronic or scanned received at Hospital TeamCare
  • Chart Review - Records reviewed for documentation completeness
  • CPT & ICD-9 Coding - Appropriate claims determined based upon regulations and documentation
  • Charge Creation - Claims are created within 24 hours
  • Claim Audit - Concurrent multi-level checking of completed claims
  • Archival - Created claims are stored prior to submission to carrier
  • Claims Submission - Claims are submitted to the insurance agency or governmental agency
  • Follow-up - Hospital TeamCare professionals Follow-up with insurers to ensure settlement is sent

Revenue Optimization

Additionally, at TeamCare, we offer:

  • Chart Documentation Training
  • Electronic Charge Capture
  • Claim Failure Analysis
  • Online Payment

Hospital TeamCare - Hospital-based physician outsourcing services & experienced revenue cycle management.  We specialize in all facets of outsourced physician services.