Discover The I Love TeamCare Effect

Patient or provider, nobody wants to be sick 

Everyone wants the best medicine, the best quality, and the best care.  We all love good outcomes, happy endings, and quality patient care - that's why I Love TeamCare.

Is it really possible to love a concept?  Yes it is!  TeamCare symbolizes the delivery of health care through specialized treatment teams that work together.  These multi-disciplinary teams consist of doctors, nurses, and hospitals all with one common goal – the patient.  In a time of healthcare reform, quality and performance metrics, a growing elderly population, and costly litigation, its time we work together.

Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals Working Together

At Hospital TeamCare, we believe in the team care-based approach to patient care.  This approach requires integration and collaboration with our Hospital partners, nurses, ancillary staff, and more.  We believe no matter the complexity, patient care is improved through an orchestrated and designed team care delivery.

Hospital TeamCare, is a leading provider of hospital based outsourced physician services.  Our mission is patient centered, and we work to provide quality and efficient patient care.  Our goal is based on top quality patient care.  Our phy sician leaders have extensive experience in working collaboratively with hospital leadership, nurses and medical staff members, to surpass clinical benchmarks.

One thing Hospital TeamCare guarantees: we understand and believe in the importance of working together with our partners - our team.  Whether it be in the Emergency Department working with EMS Ambulance personnel, or a Hospital Administrator managing hold capacity, at Hospital TeamCare, we get it!  We believe that patient care is enhanced through collaboration and teamwork.  We enjoy making the difference for a sick patient or friend.  We want and expect quality care, good outcomes, and happy endings – this is why we love TeamCare.

Hospital TeamCare - Quality, efficient, patient-centered healthcare through a team care based approach, communication, and collaboration in the provision of hospital-based physician outsourcing services.