Hospital TeamCare Identifies Physician Hurdles in Healthcare Reform

Pompano Beach, FL June 28, 2011 -- For many physicians, next year’s healthcare overhaul will mean making that switch from being the boss, to becoming salaried employees of hospitals or larger healthcare organizations, explains James E. McLean, MD, President of Hospital TeamCare West - a leading provider of outsourced physician services.


“Reactions could be described as bittersweet,” McLean said. “Some physicians have commented in news articles, that working for a hospital will provide that sense of stability, while many others have said it will change the way they’ve been practicing medicine for decades.”

In a story that ran in The Washington Post, a few days ago, said 56-year-old Dr. Jonathan Plotsky, who, after working for many years as an internist in Rockville, and is in the process of negotiating a possible job with a local hospital, “All the rules are changing.”

Some other hurdles that providers of physician services are encountering with changes in healthcare —not included in the healthcare overhaul —reported by the Associated Press are, “rising numbers of uninsured or underinsured patients, Medicare crises, looming doctor shortages, and new physicians shunning primary care to pay off huge medical school debt.”

Dr. Cecil Wilson, President of the American Medical Association recently told the Associated Press, that “the nation's health care system is sick, and that's why we've gone through this agony developing health care reform. We've got to make it better."

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