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Hospital Physician Services

At Hospital TeamCare, our success is built upon lasting relationships with the Hospitals Administration, Medical Staff, Nurses, and ancillary staff. We understand and commit to the delivery of excellent patient care through professional outsourced physician services.


Physician Opportunities

Our physician network provides excellence in hospital-based physician services.  At Hospital TeamCare, we provide a different and refreshing type of partnership. We strive to ensure a top quality and collegial practice environment through choice physician outsourcing opportunities.


Patient Care Services

Compassionate, efficient, leading edge outsourced physician services - this is Hospital TeamCare.  We have some of the Nation's finest physicians here to serve you!  With over 70 years of combined experience, Hospital TeamCare is committed to the pursuit of perfection.



Hospital-Based Outsourced Physician Services

Our experienced hospital-based physician teams have developed unique strategies to attain perfection across our outsourced physician services.  Partner with us for performance-based physician outsourcing!

At Hospital TeamCare, we provide niche physician services coupled with proven success.  Our select physicians have succeeded as staff physicians, attendings, and medical directors at some of the finest tertiary care, trauma, and medical centers Nationwide.  This experience has resulted in a physician network committed to quality, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare through the provision of hospital-based outsourced physician services.  Whether it's highly trained, board certified emergency physicians, comprehensive anesthesiology physician services, or radiologic protocols, Hospital TeamCare has the expertise to improve quality healthcare delivery in your hospital!