Focused physician services and proven success

Hospital TeamCare provides key hospital centered physician outsourcing. Our physicians are Residency Trained and Board Certified.  Coupled with training at some of the Nation's best facilities, we are able to help our partner hospitals improve patient care, quality, and throughput metrics through our healthcare practice management skills and experience. Our outsourced physicians specialize in efficiently resolving throughput among other metric inhibitors.

Today's healthcare deliver is complex and dynamic. Remaining current and up-to-date in the medical literature is essential in today's modern medicine.  Accounting for cost, quality, safety, and outcomes is even more challenging, yet necessary. Hospital TeamCare Health Solutions offer a variety of physician services, and vehicles, to navigate the changing directions of our Nation's healthcare.

Hospital Solutions & Physician Services

At Hospital TeamCare, we believe that improving healthcare delivery is not merely an academic exercise; but rather a goal of utmost importance.  Thus, we take our work seriously, and aim to make measurable differences for our partner hospitals.  Everything matters when it comes to healthcare, and in order for healthcare facilities to succeed, the physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff must be working as a team.  At Hospital TeamCare, we recognize this, and have a full range of physician practice management resources and outsourced physician services for your organization.

  • Community Services
  • Best Practice Consulting
  • Medical Billing
  • Disaster Response
  • Political Action
  • Urgent Care Medicine
  • Physician Services

Hospital TeamCare - Quality, efficient, patient-centered healthcare through experienced medical leadership, communication, and collaboration in the provision of hospital-based physician outsourcing services.