Unbiased and authoritative consulting for your most challenging needs.

Hospital TeamCare offers Best Practice Consulting services. Our teams can discreetly and professionally provide throughput analysis to maximize opportunities within your specific Hospital or Practice.

We have over 70 years of combined operational experience in system analysis and patient flow.  We can zoom in on key problem areas, and identify hidden ways to increase capacity, revenues, and patient satisfaction.  Through our healthcare practice management skills and experience, we are able to attain measurable improvements at our partner facilities.

Metric Improvement Performance

  • Emergency Medicine Performance:  Point of Service Collections  |  Left Without Being Seen  |  Patient Satisfaction
  • Operating Room:  On time starts  |  Rapid Room Turnover  |  Provider Efficiency with Flex Staffing
  • Hospital Capacity:  Early Morning Discharges  |  Admission LOS reduction  |  Utilization

Hospital Solutions & Physician Services

At TeamCare, we believe that ensuring quality and efficient healthcare is a goal of utmost importance. Thus, we take our work seriously, and aim to make measurable differences for our partner hospitals. Everything matters when it comes to healthcare, and in order for healthcare facilities to succeed, the physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff must be working as a team. At TeamCare, we recognize this, and have a full range of physician practice management resources and outsourced physician services for your organization.

Program Development


Hospital TeamCare - Quality, efficient, patient-centered healthcare through experienced medical leadership, communication, and collaboration in the provision of hospital-based physician outsourcing services.